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Israelite Nations aka "золотий мільярд"

Great Britain.

The home of the whole house of Israel, the regathered 12 tribes of: Judah, Benjamin, Ischatar, Gad, Joseph (Ephriam and Manesseh), Levi, Asher, Simeon, Dan, Zebulun, Napthali and Reuben.
Evidenced in the British Symbols of the Lion (Judah), Unicorn (Joseph), Harp (King David). The national flag being the combination of the Hebrew first and last letters x and +, it is interesting to note that whilst not all Israelite nations have the + in their flag, all nations that do, are of Anglo, Celto, Saxon origin (Saxon = Saccai = Son of Isaac).
Union Flag, commonly known as the Union Jack from the term "union of Jacob" (given by James 1st, 1607, on the combining of the Scots and English crowns).
Over 75% of the English language has Hebrew roots.


The Anglo Saxon portions of the tribes of Israel Angles (Aegel = Bull) to give the English John Bull;  Saxons or Saccai = 'Sons of Isaac'.

The Celtic branches of the family. Scots = Scythians = Israelites after captivity by Assyrians (Declaration of Arbroath, 1320);  Royal line to King James VI from Ulster, to Westminster as James I (1603);   Stone of Scone = Jacobs Pillow, lately in the Coronation chair at Westminster, now in Edinburgh.. Declaration of Abroath (1320) decleared Scots Scythian (Israelite) origins.

The home of the Celtic Cymru, from the Assyrian word Khumri, meaning the house of Omri King of Israel (see Behistun Rock, eastern Turkey).   Probably among the first of the tribes to arrive. Dragon symbol a hybridisation of the Israelite symbols of the lion, snake and eagle. Welsh Druidic religion (in it's original style) is indistinguishable from the Hebrew worship through the priestly tribe of Levi. Old Welsh language is essentially Hebrew.

Ireland = Hibernia = Land of the Hebrews. One of the settling places of the Tuatha de Dannan (tribe of Dan 1000--1200 BC) and the Zara line of the royal house of the Tribe of Judah (the red hand of Ulster = biblical reference to the birth of Zara). Gaelic or Erse (pure Irish up to the 1700s)  was identical with Hebrew (also Manx). Lia-Fail = Stone of Destiny = Stone of Scone = Jacobs pillow from Bethel in Israel.  Erin = Eri = Israelite family makers of fine linen.
Other Israelite Nations

Nordic Families, Scythian and Cimmerian. Evidence of the tribe of Benjamin in historcal references.

Nordic families. Evidence of the tribes of Judah, Reuben, Napthali, Asher, Ephraim and Simeon in historcal references.

Partly the settlement of some of the Nordic tribes. Evidence of the tribes of Issachar and Simeon in historcal references.

Probably an early AD settlement of the tribe of Dan. The name of the flag is the "Dannebrog" which means 'Dan's cloth'. Evidence of the tribes of Judah, Benjamin, Reuben, Zebulun, Ephraim and Simeon in historcal references.

Settled by Nordic peoples. Strong prophetic links. Evidence of the four brigades of Israel and specifically the tribe of Benjamin in historcal references.
 The Netherlands.

The home of part of the house of Israel. Primarily believed to be Zebulun. Evidence of the tribes of Judah, Simeon, Dan, Ephraim and Manasseh in historcal refernces.
 New Zealand.

Part of the Commonwealth of Israel Nations.

Part of the Commonwealth of Israel Nations.
 South Africa.

Part of the Commonwealth of Israel Nations.

Part of the Commonwealth of Israel Nations.
The only nation called a Dominion (Israel's Dominion is 'from sea to sea').
 The United States of America

The home of many regathered from the House of Israel from various countries of the world, but primarily under the tribe of Manasseh after their emigration from England (The Pilgrim fathers).


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