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Royal News

"Prince Harry has been put on toilet cleaning duty at Sandhurst.

The Daily Mirror says it's part of his training at the army training college.The 20-year-old officer cadet was put on loo cleaning duties along with a number of other recruits as he approaches the end of his first term at Sandhurst.The Mirror's source said: "Prince Harry is on scrub down duty."He will be on his hands and knees until the weekend, making sure the college is completely cleaned up.
"It is part of his training to be an independent officer, capable of looking after himself and commanding a unit of men."

Ви вже мали здогадалися.
Англійці не разпатякуються про моральні цінності, бо й так знають як воно має бути.
 Ющенко мав би віддати свого сина до війська. Поза будь-якими сумнівами.


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