pan_andriy (pan_andriy) wrote,

India & Ukraine bhai, bhai!

The biggest mystery for me about Indian words in Europe is how Indo-Aryan "Maidan" entered Ukrainian.

Переведи мене через Майдан...
Maidan [Hind.] [an open space, parade ground].

Шевелюра Шеви(Шіви)
**Shiva has matted hair, so confer Eng. SHEVELLED/ SHIEVELD, old forms of DISHEVELLED, "unkempt", which ususally refers to hair. Compare Croatian SHIVETA, "mat, hassock, plaited hair." Ukrainian SHEVELYURA, "thick hair, chevelure". Wigs of olden days were made of densely matted material. Mukta-keshii, "with shieveld hair", is a shakti of Shiva. Siva, Bhavani and Shiva
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