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А щойно існував. Проте те воно й "автономний режим", щоб відновити.

2006-11-10 02:38:00

The roots of Russian
I have perhaps a rather odd question. I guess this question is addressed to those who know Russain not as what it is, but also what it was and was not.
Recently, I've come across a few intriguing articles on the internet:
Нерусский русский язык
Белорусское государство Великое княжество Литовское
The gist of it is that Russian wasn't the language spoken in what had become Russia, there used to be other non-Slavic languages spoken (e.g. Finnish and alike), but over the time that all evolved into Russian. However, as the article(s) state, that was not without a help. Russian was based on Bulgarian used in church and since then has changed a lot...

As for Russian being somehow based on Bulgarian, ignore this, or get a good history of the Russian language :). This is a common exaggeration, usually politically motivated.

The conception of Russian as "Bulgarian-Finnish esperanto" is entirely bullshit, used by Ukrainian and Bielorussian nationalist propaganda.

I read the articles you mention, and laughed a lot.
This information is nonsense. Unfortunately such historical sci-fi is very popular in Russia and around it.
I'd advise you not to pay attention to these.
Russian, Belorussian and Ukrainian languages are the branches of medieval East-Slavonic language. All of them have differences, which are appeared to be mostly - loanings from European languages. They are not very different, people of these languages can understand each other without enterpreter.

That's not a historical fiction, in fact. ^_^ It's propaganda. First article was obviously written by some Ukrainian nationalist, and these people are notorious for strongarming the history to their need. 

The articles are stupid.
I am Russian, lived almost all my life in Moscow, and I have no problems in understanding Ukrainian. It took me a few days to learn those words and grammatic constructions (mostly Polish) that make difference between Russian and Ukrainian.

Russian is NOT based on bulgarian.

pan_andriyPlease ignore you read before and just compare below attached russian and bulgarian words:

Russian  Bulgarian

размер размер
размышление размисъл
размышлять размислям
разногласие разногласие
разнообразие разнообразие
дарить подарявам
дата дата
дать дам
дважды  дваж
двигатель двигател
двигать движа
двигаться движа се
движение движение
двое двама
двоеточие двоеточие
двойка двойка
двойной двоен
двор двор
обследовать обследвам
обслуживание обслужване
обстоятельство обстоятелство
обсудить обсъдя
обсуждать обсъждам
обсуждение обсъждане
обувь обувки
детская обувь детски обувки
мужская обувь мъжки обувки
обучать обучавам
обучаться обучавам се
обучение обучаване
обучить обуча
обхватывать обхващам
общежитие общежитие
общий общ
общительный общителен
объективный обективен 
объем обем
объявить обявя
объявление обявление
доска объявлений дъска за обявления
объяснить обясня
объяснять обяснявам
обыкновенный обикновен
обычай обичай
обычный  обичаен
обязательно обезателно
обязательный обезателен

Russian language is not a language of russian peasants, like uknainian one. Russia  use artificial language based of bulgarian lexicon and ukrainian grammar, because "russian" language until 18-th century has been developed far from Muscovia:

Russian people has lost their traditional dialects, because they never had grammar. Actually "russian" culture is continuing culture  of middleage Ukraine. At the beginning of 18-th century the ukrainization of Moscovia happend. Russian Empire is a result of this.  Traditional culture of Muscovy died. Look historical reseaching for details:

"Russians" have no ethnic roots. To be russian means to be nobody.  Just speek russian, divide russian imperial myth  and forget about your origin. Everyone can be russian. This is a secret of succes of russian idea and this is a biggest russian mistery as well.

The canonical Moscow way of speeking has finno-ugric sourse:

бестселлер [б'ис:`ел:'ьр]
постскриптум [пас:кр'`иптум]
петербургский [п'ьт'ирб`урск'ьj]
оскский [`ос:к'ьj]
депонентский [д'ьпан'`енцск'ьj]
визжание - [в'иж:`ан'ьь]
пятнадцатилетие [п'ьтнъцът'ил'`ет'ьь]
бедствие - [б'`ецтв'ьь]
от целевых [ац:ъл'ив`ых]
от церкви [ац:`еркв'ь]
подцензурный [пъц:ынз`урнъj]
над цветущем [нъц:в'ит`уш':ьм]
отщебетать [ач'ш':ьб'ит`ат']
ревизские [р'ив'`ис:к'ьь]

На що мені люб'язно порадили з Німеччини:

colonelrabin  ("Ленивый, старый и больной...п-к Рабинович")
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Після чого усе і зникло.

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