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Famous Ukrainians List

"The Famous Ukrainians List is a list of over three hundred people with links discussing their contributions. The people listed were either born in what are today's boundaries of Ukraine, or were/are of Ukrainian ancestry. The emphasis is on people who would be known OUTSIDE Ukraine within their particular area of specialization. There is no claim that all the people listed are "ethnically" Ukrainian but they all have some Ukrainian connection."
This list is maintained by Dr. Myron Hlynka
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Windsor, Windsor,
Ontario, Canada.
Канадійська грунтовність навіть дещо лякає.

  • не валежником единым

  • марсіянське

    Український інженер з Каліфорнії став одним із розробників гелікоптера для польотів на Марсі.

  • грызуны и бутерброд

    - Сперва с Византией покончим-с, - мечтал он, - а потом-с... На Драву, Мораву, на дальнюю Саву, На тихий и синий Дунай... Д-да-с! ... И вдруг…

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