pan_andriy (pan_andriy) wrote,

"Red and White Kop Liverpool FC Forum"

Just got back from Kiev this morning. Nice place. Not too big. Everything easy to find. Lobanovskiy stadium a few minutes walk away from the centre. Stayed in a one room apartment that cost about 30 quid per night. If anyone wants the e-mail address of the agency I used, let me know. Very friendly. Alternatively, go to the main railway station and you'll see loads of old women with pieces of cards that say "Kvartira" or "komnata", which means they've got a room to rent. A cheaper option, but 1) it might be a fair way out of town 2) they may not speak English.

 Re: Location of the Valeriy Lobanovskyi Stadium
Metro "Maidan Nezalozhnosti". Go past statue of Vikings. Cross the road. Don't get knocked over. Follow the crowd.Easy!
Ray Davies

I m a lucky man I m on hollydays in Kiev and Liverpool will be soon in town to play, just cant believe it ....
Kiev is a nice place to visit, the city is much prettier than 5 years ago
If you want to have a few beers I recommend you the Planeta sport right in front of the big shop Tzum on the Kreshchiatik where the ukrainians reds meet to watch games or the cavern on puschkisskaya
Keep in mind that nothing here is done to help tourists but dont be afraid to ask people because the Reds have a good image here thanks to newspapers
Albert Drinker

Ukrainian beers are good I recommend you Obolon, Slavutych and Chernigorsk
Ray Davies

Cold beers on the street for 40p.  Can't beat it.  Oh, and all the women are goddesses.  I'm coming back with a Russian bride'.

I have heard some Liverpool songs performed in the City Center tonight . Bring some excitement into deserted capital during vacation period. Good luck guys. We have got tickets, and a lot of Ukrainians will be cheering for your tomorrow. 4 of us are going for sure
You ll never walk alone!
Park Bench Drinker


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