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Alexa Heinze (Bourgogne, France)
I've started to learn ukrainian only this year, in January... :) But I'm really fond of that language! I fell in love with it when I was a child - something that I can't explain... I now understand what was driving me to Ukraine since ever: I had to meet Slava's poetry! :)) This song is just amazing! And when I sing it, I feel the vibrations of the words inside my body... That's incredible!
I've never been in Ukraine... But for sure, I have to go!
A friend of mine who lived for years in that country, told me that a part of soul should be slavic... I never get such a beautiful compliment!

25 November 2014
Okean of Emotions: Why a French fan decided to create a blog devoted to Okean Elzy...
People are frequently asking me about how I've discovered Okean Elzy and why I decided to create this personal blog... It seems that the time has come for me to give you some explanation!
In 2011, Ukraine started to occupy a greater place in my heart:
The thing is that I've given a Ukrainian name to my daughter, Oxana. Her teacher asked her where this beautiful name was coming from and, as she was only 6 years old, she couldn't answer. I exchanged later with her on my interest about slavic cultures and she told me: "Mum! I want to learn Ukrainian!" :)) My God! What's going on with us?! :))
It was also the time when everybody was speaking about the European Football Cup to take place in Poland and in Ukraine... It was as if Europeans were discovering that Ukraine was existing! There was information about that country everyday.
This is also the moment I started to write poetry into French, my mother tongue... This is what brings me to Vakarchuk's world!
One of the first poems I wrote was about the Ocean. I was looking for a nice music to illustrate my post on my blog and I've discovered by chance that video:

It was love at first listen! I didn't understand a word but... I found it amazing! This music, the melody, the voice... and the sounds of that Slavic language - that was for sure not Russian! The question was "Who was singing such an hypnotic song? Who's got such a warm voice? Who composed this?... and what language was this?" I quickly get some information (in Russian!) on the Web and started to buy Okean Elzy's albums.

Last year, in December, I created this video for my daughter, Oxana. Sorry for my strange accent... but at that moment I didn't know a word of Ukrainian! :))

Well... I received so many messages from Central, Eastern and Western Europe about it - saying that it was beautiful! :) - that I've decided to learn a bit of Ukrainian language to improve my accent...
They all deserve a relay to change the point of view that Westerners usually have about Central & Eastern Europe! I hope this blog can be helpful to break down the walls between us! Vakarchuk's music is the best ambassador to promote slavic cultures worldwide...

Même sous la pluie - Music: S. Vakarchuk
If singing is my passion, writing poetry is my favorite hobby... But this is the first time I wrote lyrics for a song.


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